[Softimage] 《Softimage深入学习程序模块ICE建模教程》Digital-Tutors Procedural ICE Modeling in Softimage 20

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《Softimage深入学习程序模块ICE建模教程》Digital-Tutors Procedural ICE Modeling in Softimage 20


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《Softimage深入学习程序模块ICE建模教程》Digital-Tutors Procedural ICE Modeling in Softimage 20 《Softimage深入学习程序模块ICE建模教程》Digital-Tutors Procedural ICE Modeling in Softimage 20 《Softimage深入学习程序模块ICE建模教程》Digital-Tutors Procedural ICE Modeling in Softimage 20 《Softimage深入学习程序模块ICE建模教程》Digital-Tutors Procedural ICE Modeling in Softimage 20

Digital-Tutors : Procedural ICE Modeling in Softimage 2012
2 hrs. 7 min. |Released on August 1, 2011 |Project Files Included (10 MB)
Required Software: Softimage 2012 SP1

In this course we will take a look at building an advanced ICE modeling compound to control the copying of an element with two control curves.

We’ll begin this project by creating ICE extrusions with curves and strands to create our base stair element. We'll then create copies of our element inside an empty mesh. Then we'll create a control curve, find the transformations at various locations along the curve, and transform our copies to be on the curve. We'll then create a second curve to control other aspects of our copies and package everything into a compound. We'll then learn how to create controls to easily modify our copies without having to understand our ICE tree.


20 videos in this course
1. Introduction and project overview
2. Exploring the power of Procedural ICE Modeling
3. Initial object creation and node set-up to extrude a model
4. Modifying various nodes and meshes to change our model
5. Using Create Copies from Polygon Mesh for the staircase
6. Using Transform per Copy to modify each element
7. Using Get Copy Index to create additive transforms
8. Finding position data on a curve
9. Spreading our steps along the curve based on Copy Index
10. Calculating how many steps to place based on length and height
11. Cleaning up our ICE Tree by creating compounds
12. Setting the Scale based off a second control curve
13. Rotating the elements with the control curve matrix
14. Combining all our nodes into a Compound for ease of use
15. Building a per-element rotation offset for better control
16. Building scale and transform controllers
17. Building an option to auto-calculate steps or manually set
18. Building a controller to remove or add elements
19. Building a controller to add space between elements
20. Cloning the polygons into a new mesh for easier transforms

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