[Unreal Engine] UE4 Speedtree与Quixel超逼真自然植物游戏场景制作频教程

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本教程是关于UE4 Speedtree与Quixel超逼真自然植物游戏场景制作频教程,时长:21小时,大小:17 GB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Unreal,作者:Michael Gerard,共114个章节,语言:英语。RRCG分享

Unreal Engine 4虚幻游戏引擎是一款商业性的3D游戏开发引擎,是Epic数百位工程师、艺术家以及设计师的心血之作。不过这还只是开始,在C++代码中,你可以看到很多创新之处,比如支持Oculus VR、Linux系统、Valve公司的Steamworks和 Steam Box效果,并且可以使用HTML5在网页浏览器中开发游戏。虚幻引擎4基于DirectX 11,拥有新的材料流水线、蓝图视觉化脚本、直观蓝图调试、内容浏览器、人物动画、Matinee影院级工具集、全新地形和植被、后期处理效果、热重载(Hot Reload)、模拟与沉浸式视角、即时游戏预览、AI人工智能、音频、中间件集成等一系列全新特性。

Unreal Engine虚幻游戏引擎参与制作游戏有:《逃生》、《DMC鬼泣》、《死侍》、《失落的星球3》、《生化奇兵:无限》、《羞辱》、《战争机器:审判》、《杀手已死》、《勿忘我》、《Papa & Yo》、《忍者神龟:脱颖而出》等等。



1 - Overview Final Project.mp4_20191209_073316.881.jpg 5 - Update of Layers Function.mp4_20191209_073337.961.jpg 5 - Update of Layers Function.mp4_20191209_073339.488.jpg 7 - Update Biome Layers.mp4_20191209_073343.881.jpg 9 - Update of Enviro Master Material.mp4_20191209_073349.776.jpg 10 - Chapter Overview.mp4_20191209_073404.905.jpg 13 - Cluster Creation (Part 2).mp4_20191209_073408.593.jpg 25 - (Tips) Change Parent Curve.mp4_20191209_073413.233.jpg 28 - Update of our Tree.mp4_20191209_073415.992.jpg 33 - Chapter Overview.mp4_20191209_073426.945.jpg 46 - Ambient Occlusion, LODs and Wind Configuration.mp4_20191209_073440.009.jpg 51 - Final Export in UE4 (Merged).mp4_20191209_073446.473.jpg 51 - Final Export in UE4 (Merged).mp4_20191209_073449.473.jpg 52 - How to Remove Noisy Alpha.mp4_20191209_073458.689.jpg 53 - Chapter Overview.mp4_20191209_073512.073.jpg 57 - First Plant Cutout.mp4_20191209_073519.448.jpg 62 - How to Change Color Range in Photoshop.mp4_20191209_073524.817.jpg 68 - Atlas Creation (Part 4).mp4_20191209_073531.377.jpg 76 - Final Export in UE4 (Merged).mp4_20191209_073538.648.jpg 77 - Chapter Overview.mp4_20191209_073545.240.jpg 79 - Creation of 'Vegetation Logic' Function.mp4_20191209_073548.185.jpg 80 - Adding the Function to our Master Material and Test.mp4_20191209_073551.817.jpg 83 - Creating the Dirt Texture.mp4_20191209_073601.440.jpg 85 - Export and Test in UE4.mp4_20191209_073606.225.jpg 85 - Export and Test in UE4.mp4_20191209_073608.073.jpg 86 - Chapter Overview.mp4_20191209_073615.000.jpg 90 - Export and Test in UE4.mp4_20191209_073623.169.jpg 91 - Texture Retakes and Final Test.mp4_20191209_073628.457.jpg 92 - Chapter Overview.mp4_20191209_073636.721.jpg 96 - Create Pine Needles Decal in Speedtree.mp4_20191209_073645.753.jpg 99 - About Procedural Foliage Spawner.mp4_20191209_073700.033.jpg 106 - Dogwood Placement.mp4_20191209_073706.041.jpg 109 - Add Side Vegetation.mp4_20191209_073708.961.jpg

Create 4K texture with Quixel Mixer
Create optimized models for realtime rendering with Speedtree
Add full of details without losing performance with Decals
Create Combined textures in Speedtree (Atlas) and Photoshop (RDAO/CRS/FHAO)
Configure Post Processing, Ligthing and get realistic rendering
Have version 4.22.3 of the Unreal Engine 4
Know the basics of Unreal Engine 4 (Object placement, camera movement…)
Possess a valid license for Speedtree and have Speedtree 8.4 (or higher)
Possess a valid license for Quixel Megascans, Bridge and Mixer
(This course is a direct continuation of my other course”Unreal Engine 4 : Learn How to Create a Natural Scene”)
In this course we will go even further in models creation and a scene.
The purpose of this course is to show you that it is possible to create fully optimized models without ever leaving Speedtree.
With the textures available in Megascans library, we start with a powerful ally for our objective which is to create a “Lost Road” scene.
Beyond the simple model creations, I will show you how to create your own textures from Speedtree in order to create models from different textures you have chosen.
Speaking of texture, I will show you how to create combined one called “Atlas”. That will give you total control over the quality and otimization.
Once our vegetation finished, we will move on to creating textures such as grass, rock and soil, but also a clean road texture and one that is worse and worse, all on Quixel Mixer.
We will put all our creations in place in a final scene on Unreal Engine and I will show you how to add even more details without losing performance with decals.
If you want to create scenes to feed your portfolio or deepen your knowledge this course is for you.
Important note :
If you want to learn the basics of Speedtree or Quixel Mixer I recommend to begin with the previous course “Unreal Engine 4 : Learn How to Create a Natural Scene”
All the texture used in this course are not included to the project file. You must have a Quixel Licence to download them.. Of course you are free to use the ones you want.
A valid Speedtree license is required to use the software.
This course was created in version 4.22.3 and it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to use THE SAME version! If you choose to use another version, be aware that you may encounter possible errors not covered in this course.
Who this course is for:
Anyone interested in complete scene creation in the Unreal Engine 4





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