[Zbrush] ZBrush数字雕刻入门核心技术训练视频教程

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本教程是关于ZBrush数字雕刻入门核心技术训练视频教程,时长:2小时51分,大小:1.3 GB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:ZBrush 4R7 P3,附源文件,作者:FlippedNormals,共18个章节,语言:英语。

ZBrush 是一个数字雕刻和绘画软件,它以强大的功能和直观的工作流程彻底改变了整个三维行业。在一个简洁的界面中,ZBrush 为当代数字艺术家提供了世界上最先进的工具。以实用的思路开发出的功能组合,在激发艺术家创作力的同时,ZBrush 产生了一种用户感受,在操作时会感到非常的顺畅。ZBrush 能够雕刻高达 10 亿多边形的模型,所以说限制只取决于的艺术家自身的想象力。ZBrush软件是世界上第一个让艺术家感到无约束自由创作的3D设计工具!它的出现完全颠覆了过去传统三维设计工具的工作模式,解放了艺术家们的双手和思维,告别过去那种依靠鼠标和参数来笨拙创作的模式,完全尊重设计师的创作灵感和传统工作习惯。

《ZBrush 2018数字雕刻基础核心技能训练视频教程》中文字幕版:


introScreen_006-991x558.jpg introScreen_008-991x558.jpg ord_004-991x558.jpg ord_003-991x558.jpg introScreen_007-991x558.jpg introScreen_004-991x558.jpg introScreen_002-991x558.jpg 01_introduction.mp4_20190414_230310.546.jpg 01_introduction.mp4_20190414_230317.216.jpg 06_brushes.mp4_20190414_230332.963.jpg 18_trollSculpting.mp4_20190414_230356.405.jpg 18_trollSculpting.mp4_20190414_230359.927.jpg

Perfect for Beginners
This is the quickest way to get started with sculpting in ZBrush. We cover all the necessary fundamentals for you to get up to speed with the program. The course has been tested in classrooms in universities around Europe – before finally being put together as one elaborate training course available to all.
Start Sculpting
Introduction to ZBrush not only covers the technical tools – but also how to actually sculpt. The sculpting foundations can really take your models to the next level. Showing you industry-proven sculpting techniques means you’ll make great models time and time again, removing chance entirely from the equation.
Industry Secrets
We cover techniques rarely shown outside of the big VFX houses – methods which have been developed over years of trial and error. Once you’ve started using these techniques, you will wonder how you ever worked without them!
What You’ll Learn
We start off with the very fundamentals of ZBrush: everything you need to know in order to get started. The series is structured around going from the absolutely essential moving onto some must-have features which speed your work up significantly. Along the way, we are also covering how to customize ZBrush, giving you a far more enjoyable experience.
Brushes are covered in-depth – a topic every ZBrush artist needs to know to the core. Using the correct brushes, the sculpting you do will feel far more natural and smooth. Layers in ZBrush can also be confusing to use. After this, they will work for you, instead of against you. The series is finished off with a lengthy chapter showing how to sculpt a troll in real-time, where you can follow our every brush stroke. This gives you a clear foundation in how to sculpt efficiently and in a methodical manner. The approach we show is great regardless of what you sculpt, whether it is characters, environments or anything in between.
We are including the project file for the final character with the undo-history intact. This allows you to scrub though the entire process, giving you a unique and completely honest view onto our sculpting workflow.
What They Say
“Zbrush can be a real puzzle to learn, however FlippedNormals makes the entire ordeal a simple and easy process, taking you through all the different tools needed to help kickstart your ZBrush journey.”
Bjørk Tróndheim – Student at The Animation Workshop
Everything You Need to Know
Starting out with ZBrush can be an incredible frustration experience. We’ve seen students throw chairs, break tables and destroy minor buildings in the process. This series will give you a sense of calm, reducing broken crockery and mortar debris by at conservatively 89 %.
Software Used
ZBrush 4R7 P3


《ZBrush 2018数字雕刻基础核心技能训练视频教程》中文字幕版:
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