《3D创意CG杂志2012年6月刊》3Dcreative Issue 82 June 2012

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《3D创意CG杂志2012年6月刊》3Dcreative Issue 82 June 2012

3D创意CG杂志2012年6月刊 3DCreative Issue 80 March 2012。

Zoo Publishing与3d total合作,联合推出一本pdf格式的CG杂志,名叫3DCreative,该杂志为月刊。该杂志的服务对象主要为3D艺术家、CG从业人员。内容涉及到CG业界新闻、评论、采访、教程和一些比赛等,是付费杂志。本杂志至推出到现在得到CG业界一致的好评,CG爱好者不要错过。 该杂志有两种版本,4美元的完整版和免费的不完全版。

3Dcreative Issue 82 June 2012

Hello and welcome to the June issue of 3DCreative. As the weather is hotting upthis month, so are our tutorial series!

Our stunning cover has been created by Andrew Baker. We are lucky enough to be able to bring you a great interview with this impressive 3D character and concept artist, who talks to us about how he found a home at Weta Digital, how he creates his stunning images and what it’s like working on one of the most eagerly anticipated films of year: The Hobbit.

This month we see our two fantastic artists tackle the unwrapping stage of the character production series, which focuses on the modeling of an old man’s head. Now they have covered the creation and the detailing of the head models, Rodrigue Pralier shows us how to prepare the model for texturing in 3ds Max, whilst Anto Juricic presents the same process in Maya.

Continuing our tutorial series covering FX, Particles and dynamics, Matt Chandler and Mike Zugschwert show there’s no smoke without fire as they talk us through how to create realistic flames. With Matt working in 3ds Max and Mike in Maya, they demonstrate how to develop these simple particle setups to include rr-sc.com emitters and burning fuel sources.

Moving onto the third installment of our Building Droids series, Jack Zhang takes the 2D concept and technical drawings we provided him with and shows us how to build an accurate 3D model of a fighter droid.

Christopher Brändström brings our Armored Beasts series to a close this month. In our final chapter Chris shows us how to create an armored cat by creating a basic concept process in ZBrush and composition in Photoshop, whilst throwing in some helpful pointers.
We also have a Making Of from John Thiry, where he shows us the production of his image Totem, which you may remember from the March issue’s gallery. Speaking of the gallery, we round things off by having another great selection of images from the likes of Francesc Camos, Marcus Dublin, Eve Berthelette and many more to keep you going until next time!

《3D创意CG杂志2012年6月刊》3Dcreative Issue 82 June 2012 《3D创意CG杂志2012年6月刊》3Dcreative Issue 82 June 2012 《3D创意CG杂志2012年6月刊》3Dcreative Issue 82 June 2012 《3D创意CG杂志2012年6月刊》3Dcreative Issue 82 June 2012






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